Post-Post-Pack: $20

The Post-Post-Pack comes equipped with a fanny pack, a P-P-T Sticker and a new P-P-T Button. Limited edition of 100, so get your P-P-Pack today!


Only a few of the black shirts remaining! Black on black gloss silkscreen on thick Alstyle® tees.

What is P-P-T?

Post-Post-Truth is an evolving streetwear/advocacy initiative. The rampant spread of “fake news”, misinformation, and post‐truth politics is not only perplexing, it has already proven to be extremely dangerous. We are deeply concerned about the future of journalism in the US and worldwide. How do you fight disinformation in an age when all information is suspect — if facts are tailored to your own personal perspective and reason is seen as suspect?

Post-Post-Truth looks toward a new era when public discourse and debate is framed by observed, corroborated, and reported facts; when the loudest person in the room is one who upholds journalistic standards, crafts arguments with process-based research and employs objective reason.

One step in that forward motion is to support an independent media landscape. In response to the increased need for supporting and advancing journalistic standards and practice, we will donate 50% of profits to independent, nonprofit organizations that support non-partisan investigative journalism. Our first set of t‐shirts will be for sale in February and will support ProPublica.

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Post-Post-Truth is a project by Wax Studios.
Photographic support from Homecoming.